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Centella Asiatica Extract

Latin name: Centella asiatica (L.) Urban
Specification:Asiaticosides 40%, Asiaticosides 90%;  10:1, 20:1
Test Method: HPLC / TLC
Molecular Formula:C48H78O1
Molecular Weight:959.12
CAS No: 16830-15-2

1. Centella centella has such physiological functions as anti-depression, improve wound healing, treating scar, anti-tumor, anti-gastric ulcer, anti-bacteria and anti-oxidation, etc.
2. Improve skin collagen regeneration, enhance the vitality of cell base cells; Reduce melanin pigmentation, renew skin cell regeneration; Increase skin moisture retention, activate and renew skin cells; protect the skin from outside injury.

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