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Cranberry Extract

Product Name: Cranberry extract

Type: Herbal Extract

Latin Name: Vaccinium Macrocarponl

CAS No.: 84082-34-8

Appearance: Purple Red Powder

What is Cranberry?

Cranberry is a kind of skin and flesh are bright red, growth in the short vine small round berry [1]. Evergreen shrubs, erect or scandent, rare collars, 2 -- 5 meters high. Less branched, branches slender, branches glabrous, LaoZhi puce, raised lenticels. Leaves scattered, leaves leathery, oblong or ovate, long 14-21 cm long, 4.5 -8.5 cm wide, apex acuminate or short tail, base rounded and slightly concave into shallow heart, side to pay the entire, not revolute, when surface sage green, glabrous, brown on the back, bulk raw v with glandular hair, midrib in two sides ridges, lateral veins 9-12 pairs, rise to edge network knot, slightly protuberant or slightly subsidence at the surface, bulging in the back, both sides net vein in slightly raised; Petiole short, stout rounded, ventral surfaces without grooves, 3-6 mm long, no hair.
Cranberry is an evergreen shrub related to blueberry, huckleberry, and bilberry. Pink flowers blossom and red-black fruits appear during June and July. Cranberry fruit is high in antioxidants, partly from substances called proanthocyanidins (which give cranberries their vibrant color).Cranberry extracthas been used in food and pharmaceutical industry for centuries.

Main function:
1. Prevent and treat urinary tract infections;
2. Cut down on skin cancer rates;
3. Digestive conditions;
4. Relax and open blood vessels;
5. Dental caries;
6. Stomach ulcers;
7. Kidney stones;
8. Heart attacks;
9. Clogged arteries and stroke.
1. Pharmaceutical as capsules or pills.
2. Functional food as capsules or pills.
3. Water-soluble beverages.
4. Health products as capsules or pills.
Bulk package: 25KG packed in double food-grade plastic bag and sealed in a aluminum foil bag, then packed in paper drum.
Small package: 1kg-5kg, 10kg-15kg small package (as your requirement).

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